From Ad-wrapped to Digital Advertisements!

The journey from pictures to video advertising on metro stations as well as in rails finally got to see the destination. The early concept of marketing was just an Ad-wrapped Metros,  Semi Branding Metro stations which ultimately helped the DMRC to keep the fares quite affordable for general public. From Ad-wrapped Metros and poster-type advertisements, now DMRC is moving towards visual appealing concepts of advertising on stations as well as inside the Metros.  According to 2015-16 stats, the total revenue generated from advertisements from all sectors was 48%,

Telecom sector: 16%,

ATM business: 14%,

Shops: 6%,

Kiosks: 3.65%,

Miscellaneous sources: 12%.

With this modern era of digital India, DMRC is also trying to focus on digital marketing, Currently, DMRC uses AD wrapped, posters styles advertisements. This switch will help to generate huge profits out of its box.

ITO was the first station where the pilot project of digital advertising was introduced with the view to its adjacency to various government offices and media houses. Similar to that, the Corporation is trying to elaborate the same technique of advertising to other lines of Delhi Metro and its stations.  The 10 digital walls of advertisements will be seen for the period of next six years at ITO Metro station. The same pattern will be followed to other metro stations as well. Besides that DMRC is also planning to introduce digital platform screen doors. More innovative marketing projects for advertising will be there in their upcoming project phrases.


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