How building of relations with foreign countries can work as a marketing strategy for developing India?​


It’s been 2 long years Bharatiya Janata Party came into existence with an influential leader Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi Ji. Hoping to fill the gap between a developing India to a developed India, honorable PM Modi really focused on foreign marketing strategies during these spans of time. Till the day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi undertook 40 foreign trips under his consideration panel of foreign strategies. Taking your own country to an international level is not a small responsibility.

With Great power Comes a Great Responsibilty!

PM Modi, being a person of an elder age group still knows how to take technology and innovations to an another pace. Ever since he occupied the seat of a Prime Minister, he has embarked on his journey of improving India. According to statistics of 2014-15, the economy has registered a growth rate of 7.4 %.

PM Modi’s initiative of marketing India by building relations among different countries was commendable.

Let’s take a look!



Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s strategy of marketing India was building relationships with various countries which really helped the country in tightening the belt of foreign trade. America is a great business partner of India. Prime Minister tried really hard to create a knot with America in his first year of control i.e 2014. An agreement around 45-46 billion dollars was committed during that time. In a rivalry situation, PM Modi also visited China and his attention towards China proved to be a profitable business in which an agreement about 52 billion dollars was also signed in 2015. China’s commitment to investment proved to be a great deal for India.

 Motives behind these foreign trips were:

  1. Bhutan
  • First foreign visit
  • Focus was to improve “Bhutan- India relations” so as to remain healthy and friendly relationship.
  • India will help Bhutan in IT and digital sector.
  • India will invest in building Supreme Court and one hydro-electric plant. India will also get electricity from this plant.
  1. Brazil
  • Improving India-Brazil relations
  • PM Modi visited Brazil for his first multilateral visit, the 6th BRICS summit held in Fortaleza. The group agreed to establish a financial institution but PM Modi failed to bag the headquarters at New Delhi.



(HARD LUCK! …… Never mind..)

  1. Nepal
  • After 17 years, PM Modi was the first Prime Minister who visited Nepal for a bilateral meeting.
  • A discussion was done about establishing electricity power plant project from which India will also get the benefit in future.
  1. Sri Lanka
  • In March 2015, PM Modi was the first prime Minister to visit the country after 29 years.
  • There are four investment agreements between both the countries.
  1. Myanmar, Moriciouse and signature
  • These visits were the part of India’s act east policy.
  1. Japan
  • Japan will help India for the very first Bullet train project between Ahmedabad and Mumbai.
  • Japan commits to provide a help 35 million dollars for development projects.
  1. America
  • Agreements regarding defense, intelligence, and terrorism are committed to India.
  • Investment of about 45-46 billion dollars in Indian projects.
  1. Australia
  • Official visit to attend G-20 event.
  • A discussion was held about the entire concept of MAKE IN INDIA to bring investments for the development.
  1. Germany
  • Germany is the largest trading partner of India and improving relations with Germany played the game very well.
  • Improvements in trade and its promotions.
  • Promotion of the concept of MAKE IN INDIA was done in Germany.
  1. France
  • To improve the strategic foreign relationship among both the countries.
  • Defense partnership agreement regarding 36 Rafael planes (fighting plans) for India.
  • To improve relations with France for the purpose of investment collaboration of technical and financial investments.
  • A discussion about Jaitpur nuclear plant was the purpose of the visit .
  1. Canada
  • After Indira Gandhi’s trip in 1973, PM Modi was the first PM to visit Canada.
  • An agreement of 34 crore dollars for importing uranium was signed.
  1. Saudi Arabia
  • First foreign dignitary to interact with Saudi Arabian entrepreneurs.

15 thoughts on “How building of relations with foreign countries can work as a marketing strategy for developing India?​

    1. Well, yes sir!
      If i talk about his recent trip to Vietnam, PM tried to maintain excellent relations with Vietnam which helped both the countries to agreed to elevate the current Strategic Partnership to Comprehensive Strategic Partnership as well as they tried to build the Plan of Action to bring the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership to reality in all areas of cooperation specially in defense and security, trading and investment etc.
      I hope i have answered your question. 🙂


      1. I think the Visit to vietnam is to counter china and to maintain a balance in south china sea. My query is are we really getting enough FDI by foreign investors after modiji’s visit ?


      2. In Financial year 2014-15, India received $19.78 billion foreign direct investment from 12 countries visited by PM as well as Indian companies also invested about $3.42 billion in these countries including Bhutan, Nepal, Brazil, Us, Japan, Myanmar, Fiji, Australia, Sri lanka and Singapore.
        The total inflow of foreign investments was $75.71 billion.

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  1. Very well written article,Ashima !!!
    Coverage of takeaways from each nation is quite meticulous in terms of advantages we achieved in trade and businesses with them.
    Though the progress as major economic power across the world has been quite realised, our bid for Nuclear Suppliers Group(NSG) and permanent seat in United Nations Security Council(UNSC) have also got much needed fillip in PM Modi’s outreach to the nations like Seychelles,Central Asian Countries et al with well executed marketing strategy.
    When it comes to Marketing,I think PM Modi can teach even Kotler few lessons.


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